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Beginning July 27, 2001, the Society held its third general conference of Coptic Studies. This two-day event was held on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), through the courtesy of the University authorities and the hard work of the Coptic Collegiate Club there. Bishop Serapion, the Coptic bishop of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, was in attendance on the second day. He also delivered the dedication speech of the Conference to the memory of Archdeacon Habib Girgis. There were about 17 presentations delivered by scholars, students, clergy, and laymen. About 90-100 people attended some or all the presentations. This was the fifth Society-sponsored scholarly event in the field of Coptic Studies in Los Angeles. It helped to further the Society's efforts to promote scholarly research among the Coptic Community in this field.

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The Society's monumental work in publishing the treasures that the Coptic Heritage possesses, is continuing, but at a slower pace. This was due to our commitment to St. Mark Foundation to prepare the electronic edition of the Coptic Encyclopedia. Work on the first 42 volumes of the Biblical Section (the Old Testament), CB1-CB42, is 70% complete. An exhaustive bibliography of the published texts in this area was published in volume 6 of the Bulletin. It is hoped that a preliminary edition of them will be published in CD format by the Spring 2002.

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a. COEPA: The Society continued its cooperation with COEPA to promote and distribute their excellent products in the US which is related to our work. This year another CD title was added to our list, the 4-CD remastered edition of the Coptic Midnight Psalmody with the accompanying text on CD-ROM. There are more titles planned for the upcoming year that will be announced in the upcoming issues of the Newsletter. COEPA also was granted distribution rights for our Coptic CD in Australia.

b. Image Digitizing: The Society began a program to digitize the existing microfilm portion of the collection that has not been converted to microfiche. This is being done by a service bureau in Southern California. The project will involve about 45,000 frames that include over 70,000 pages. The Society also is working on digitizing the existing offprints collection as well as the catalogs of Coptic and Christian Arabic manuscripts, especially the Egyptian collections. The latter work will be made available to scholars and students involved in Coptic Studies and related fields. It will be furnished in Computer CD format, and will be announced when ready.

c. Computer at the Coptic Center: This year we added a new internal CD Writer to our Los Angeles Coptic Center (LA). The new planned Intranet will give access to many of the newly digitized images of Articles, books and manuscripts.

d. Global Access (Internet): This year we continued our solid presence on the Internet. Our current web address is still: HTTP://WWW.STSHENOUDA.COM. The traffic grew to an average of about 40,000 hits a month with visitors over the last year from nearly every state in the US as well as over 100 different countries over 6 continents.

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During the past year the library grew to about 2,000 volumes of material in the different branches of Coptic Studies. We expanded the library in nearly every section of its more than 14 different sections. We are continuing the expansion and the development of the library to contain all the necessary references required by those who want to learn and/or to research the Coptic Heritage. The notable additions were as follows:

a. Coptic Art/Architecture/Inscriptions: Alexandre, A. & B. Alexandre. L'Incarnation de la Lumiere, (2000); Anonymous, Koptische Kunst - Christentum Am Nil - 3 Mai bis 15 August 1963 in Villa Hügel-Essen (1963); Del Francia-Baroces, L. Il Tessuto Copto - Introduzione Bibliographica (1997); Kakovkin, A. Coptic Textiles in the Hermitage Museum [in Russian] (1978); Martin, M. La Laure de Der Al-Dik a Antinoe (1971); Nauerth, C. et al. Die Koptischen Textilien der Sammlung Wilhelm Rautenstrauch im Stadtischen Museum Simeonstift Trier (1989); Regemorter, b. van. Some Early Bindings from Egypt in the Chester Beatty Library (1958).

b. Coptic Bible, Old & New: Ehrman, B. D. The New Testament and Other Early Christian Writings – A Reader (1998); Fields. Origenis Hexaplorum , 2 vol; Hintze, F. & H.M. Schenke. Die Berliner Handschrift der Sahidischen Apostelgeschichte (P.15926) ; Muses, C. A. (ed.). The Septuagint Bible - The Oldest Version of the Old Testament in the Translation of Charles Thompson (1954); Oden, O. [Ed]. Ancient Christian Comentary on Scriptures vol viii, Galatians, Ephesians & Philippians (1998); Quecke, H. Das Johannesevangelium Saidisch (1984); Schenke, H. M. Das Mattaus-Evangelium im Mittelagyptischen Dialekt des Koptischen (Codex Scheide) (1981); Schleifer. Sahidische Bibel-Fragments aus British Museum zu London (1909); Staal, H. Mt Sinai Arabic Codex 151, I. Pauline Epistles CSCO.452-Ar.40 (1983) [Text], CSCO.453-Ar. 41 [Translation] (1983); Staal, H. Mt Sinai Arabic Codex 151, II. Acts of the Apostles-Catholic Epistles CSCO.462-Ar.42 [Text], CSCO.463-Ar.43 [Translation] (1984); Thackery. A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek (1909); Thompson, H. The Gospel of St. John according to the Earliest Coptic Manuscript (1924); Till, W. & Sanz. Eine Griechisch-Koptische Odenschrift (Papyrus Copt. Vindob. K8706) (1939).

c. Coptic Festschrifts and conference proceedings: Anonymous, Internationaler Kongress fur Koptologie Kairo 08-18 Dez 1976 (Enchoria VIII, 1978); Giversen, S. et al. Coptology Past, Present, and Future (1994); Laga, C. et al. After Chalcedon, Studies in Theology and Church History (1985); Torp, H. Miscellanea Coptica - Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artivm Historiam Pertinentia (1981); Vermeulen, U. et al. Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluke Eras I (1995) ; Vermeulen, U. et al. Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluke Eras II (1998).

d. Canon Law and Legal Texts: Grenfell & Hunt. Oxyrhynchus Papyri Part XV (1922); Hoenerback, W. & O. Spies, Ibn Al-Taiyib – Fiqh An-Nasraniya – Das Recht der Christenheit . II Teil Ar. Text, CSCO.167-Ar.18 (1957); Wessely, C. Corpus Papyrorum Raineri Archiducis Austriae vol. 1 (Reprint 1974); Wessely, C. Die Stadt Arsinoe (Krokodilopolis) in Griechischer Zeit (Reprint: 1975); Wessely, C. Toptographie des Faijum (Arsinoites Nomus) in Griechischer Zeit (Reprint: 1975).

e. Cataloges of Manuscripts/Bibliographies: The British Library. The Christian Orient ; Cureton, W. Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium qui in Museo Britannico asservantur Pars 2: Codices arabicos complectens 1846 (Reprint: 1998); Graf, G. Catalogue de Manuscrits Arabes Chretiens Conserves Au Caire (1934); Krek, M. A Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the Oriental Institute of Chicago (1961); Lantschoot, A. van. Bibliothecae Apostolicae Vaticani. Codices Coptici Vaticani Barberiniani Borgiani Rossiani. Tome II. Pars Prior. Codices Barberiniani Orientales 2 et 17 – Borgiani Coptici 1-108 (1947); Luddeckens, E. et al. Demotische & Koptische Texte (1968); Rieu, C. Supplement to the Catalogue of the Arabi Manuscripts in the British Museum (Reprint:2000); University of Michigan. Manuscripts and Papyri - an Exhibition (1967); Zoega, G. Catalogus Codicum Copticorum Manuscriptorum 1810 (Reprint: 1973).

f. Coptic Hagiography: Hyvernat, H. Les Actes des Martyrs de l'Egypte (Reprint: 1977); Smith & Wace, Dictionary of Christian Biography , 4 vol. (1880).

g. Coptic History and Geography: Bitschai, J. & Brodny. A History of Urology in Egypt (1956); Du Bourguet, P. Les Coptes (1988); Bredy, M. Das Annalenwerk des Eutychias von Alex. CSCO.471-Ar.44 [Text] (1985); Cadiou. Origen - His Life at Alexandria (1944); Cheikho. Eutychii Patriarchae Alex. I. CSCO.50-Ar.6 (Reprint 1962); van Doorn-Harder, N. and K. Vogt (eds.) Between Desert and City: The Coptic Orthodox Church Today (1997); Dzierzykray-Rogalski, T. The Bishops of Faras - An Anthropological-Medical Study (1985); Hamilton, F. & E. W. Brooks. The Syriac Chronicle known as that of Zachariah of Mitylene (Reprint:1979); Honigmann, E. Trois Memoires Posthumes d'Histoire et de Geographie de l'Orient Chretien (1961); Macrizi. Macrizi's Geschichte der Copten 1845 (Reprint: 1979); Roufaila, Y. N. History of the Coptic Nation [2nd Ar print] (2000); Bp Samuel. The History of the Patriarchs , 3 vol [Arabic] (1999); Smith, W. & Cheetham. Dictionary of Christian Antiquities 2 vol (1880).

h. Coptic and Other Language: Vergote, J. Grammaire Copte vol Ia+Ib (1992); Vergote, J. Grammaire Copte vol IIa (1983); Vergote, J. Grammaire Copte vol IIb (1983); Vycichl. Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Copte (1983).

i. Coptic Liturgy: Abdalla, L'Ordinamento Liturgico Di. Gabriele V. [Introduction, text, and translation] (1962); Abdalla, L'Ordinamento Liturgico Di. Gabriele V. [Text only] (1962); Burmester, O. H. The Horologion of the Egyptian Church [Introduction, Coptic & Arabic text and translation] (1973); Burmester, O. H. The Horologion of the Egyptian Church [Coptic text only] (1973); Junker, H. Koptische Poesie des Jahrhundert 2-vol in one (Reprint 1977); Matta El-Maskin. Eucharist, the Lord's Supper , 2vol [Arabic] (2000).

j. Coptic Literature/Patristics: Cashia, P. Eutychius of Alexandria – The Book of the Demonstration (Kitab Al-Burhan) Pt. I CSCO.192-Ar.20 [Text] (1960); Cashia, P. Eutychius of Alexandria – The Book of the Demonstration (Kitab Al-Burhan) Pt. II CSCO.209-Ar.22 [Text] (1961); Ebied, R. Y. & M. J. L. Young. The Lamp of the Intellect of Severus Ibn Al-Muqaffa‘ Bishop of Al-Ashmunain CSCO.365-Ar.32 [Text], CSCO 366-Ar. 33 (1975) [Translation]; Erman, A. Bruchstucke Koptischer Volklitteratur (1897); Graf, G. Geschichte der Christlichen Arabischen Literatur - Zweiter Band - Die Schriftsteller Bis Zur Mitte des 15 Jahrhunderts (1947); Graf, G. Geschichte der Christlichen Arabischen Literatur - Dritter Band - Die Schriftsteller von der Mitte des 15 Bis zum ende des 19 Jahrhunderts [Melchiten & Maronite] (1949); Graf, G. Geschichte der Christlichen Arabischen Literatur - Vierter Band - Die Schriftsteller von der Mitte des 15 Bis zum ende des 19 Jahrhunderts [Syrer, Armenier, Kopten] (1951); Graf, G. Geschichte der Christlichen Arabischen Literatur - Funfter Band - Register (1953); Griffith, S. H. Theodore Abu Qurrah – A Treatise on the Veneration of the Holy Icons (1997); Hansbury, M. Jacob of Serug On the Mother of God (1998); Mistrih, V. Juhanna ibn Zakaria ibn Siba - Pretiosa Margarita de Scientiis Ecclesiasticis (1966); Schmidt, C. Der Erste Clemensbrief in Altkoptischer Übersetzung (1908); Schwartz. Acta Conciliorum Oecumenicorum Ephesenvm Concilivm - Concilivm Vniversale Tome 1 vol. 1 Pt 1-8, vol 2-5; Schwartz. Acta Conciliorum Ścumenicorum - Concilivm Vniversale Chaledonense Tome 2, vol 1 pt.1-3, vol 2 pt. 1-2, and vol 3 pt. 1-3; Schwartz. Acta Conciliorum Ścumenicorum - Collectio Sabbaitica (1940) ; Wadi, A. Summa al-Mu'taman ibn al-‘Assal 5 vol. (1997-2000); Watt, W.M. Eutychius of Alexandria – The Book of the Demonstration (Kitab Al-Burhan) Pt. I CSCO.193-Ar.21 [Translation] (1960); Watt, W.M. Eutychius of Alexandria – The Book of the Demonstration (Kitab Al-Burhan) Pt. II CSCO.210-Ar.23 [Translation] (1961).

k. Periodicals: Bulletin de la Société d'Archéologie Copte vol. 28 (1986-9) , 29 (1990), 37 (1998), 38 (1999); Coptic Church Review vol 21-4 (2000), vol.22-(1-3) (2001); Studia Orientalia Christiana, Collectanea , vols 4 (1959); 5(1960), 6 (1961), 7 (1962), 8 (1963), 9 (1964), 10 (1965), 11 (1966), 12 (1967) 13 (1968-9), 14 (1970-71); 15 (1972-73), 16 (1981).

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The Coptic Microfilm Library

The greatest asset of the Society has been its Microfilm library, or more accurately its Microform library. It was formed as early as 1980 and has expanded ever since, though very slowly in the past few years. During this past year we made a major acquisition with about 5,500 frames. This brings the size of the library to about 230,000 frames. The acquisitions were of 18 Christian Arabic and 8 Coptic manuscripts from the Paris National Library (P).

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The Advanced Coptic Seminar, continued its work primarily on selections from the Bohairic text of the Book of Genesis. Three sessions of Coptic I , II for children 9-14 years old were or are currently being held at the Los Angeles Center. Two workshops are currently being held for a total of 5 of these children on how to read and use Coptic Manuscripts. Also a group from UCLA, studying Sahidic Coptic has been meeting at the Los Angeles Coptic Center since March 2001. The group includes six adult students and the instructor is Dr. Monica Bontty of UCLA. The instruction emphasizes the Egyptian background of the Coptic language.

The Society also sponsored a monthly lecture series on topics in Coptic History at the Los Angeles Coptic Center. Eight of these lectures were held during this reporting period, and were delivered by Deacon Severus (Maged) S. A. Mikhail, a Ph.D. Candidate. in History at UCLA.

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a. Newsletter - Subscriber's Edition: Four issues of volume four of the Subscriber's Edition were published and mailed to our members and other selected individuals throughout the world. We also continued with the abridged regular edition for non-members.

b. Volume 6 of the Society Bulletin: During this year, Volume 6 of the bulletin was published. It included 7 selected papers from the proceedings of the Second Coptic Conference in 1999 and the Second Coptic Symposium at 2000, both held on the campus of UCLA.

c. Coptica: Negotiations with the founder and Chief Editor Coptologia, Prof. Fayek Ishak of Canada concluded during the year with the withdrawal of all parties from the project. Consequently the Society and St. Mark Foundation decided to pursue their earlier commitment for a joint publication under the new name of COPTICA. This name was nominated by our esteemed friend Dr. Mark Swanson of Minnesota during the Business Meeting of the Society, held at the conclusion of the 3 rd Coptic Conference in July, 2001.

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Coptic Encyclopedia

Over the past year, the Society coordinated the preparation work for the electronic version of the Coptic Encyclopedia on behalf of St. Mark Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. This work is by far the largest and most important single work in Coptic Studies, written in English, that was ever published. This electronic version will make such monumental work more accessible and affordable to lay Copts as well as scholars. The preparation of the first seven volumes is complete. The work on the most challenging Vol. 8 is 90% complete. We are hopeful for a release date in December 2001. The electronic edition is formatted in a similar fashion to the Coptic CD, i.e. Adobe Acrobat format.

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Prepared by Hany N. Takla 12/31/2003

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