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On July 22 , 2000, the Society held its second specialized symposium of Coptic Studies. This year the subject was Coptic Monasticism. This one-day event was held on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), through the courtesy of the University authorities and the hard work of the Coptic Collegiate Club there. Bishop Serapion, the Coptic bishop of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, was in attendance as well as presented a paper and participated in the concluding panel discussion. There were about 7 presentations delivered by scholars, students, clergy, and laymen. About 70 people attended Some or all the presentations. This event was the fourth Society-sponsored scholarly event in the field of Coptic Studies in Los Angeles. It helped to further the Society's efforts to promote scholarly research among the Coptic Community in this field.

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The Society's monumental work in publishing the treasures that the Coptic Heritage possesses, is continuing, but at a slower pace. This was due to many difficult circumstances that faced the Society this year. Work on the first 42 volumes of the Biblical Section, CB1-CB42, is 70% complete. It is hoped that a preliminary edition of them will be published in CD format by the Summer 2001. The delay was caused further by commitment made to finish the electronic edition of the Coptic Encyclopedia for St. Mark Foundation.

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a. COEPA: The Society continued its cooperation with COEPA to distribute their excellent products in the US which is related to our work. This year another two CD titles were added to our list, one audio and on Computer one. There are more titles planned for the upcoming year that will be announced in the upcoming issues of the Newsletter. COEPA also was granted distribution rights for our Coptic CD in Australia.

b. Image Digitizing: A new special scanner slides/microfiche scanner was purchased. Experimentation with image digitizing directly from microfiche was satisfactory for the greater part of our collection. The other existing scanner will be used for books and pictures only.

c. Computer at the Coptic Center: This year we added a new IBM PC Notebook to our Los Angeles Coptic Center (LA) as well as a new stand-alone CD Writer/Copier. A new Intranet is still planned to better serve the users of the facilities.

d. Global Access (Internet): This year we continued our solid presence on the Internet. Our current web address is still: HTTP://WWW.STSHENOUDA.COM. the prestigious have selected our site " as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability .". The traffic grew to an average of about 30,000 hits a month with visitors from nearly every state in the US as well as 70 different countries over all 6 continents. We added a more interactive look to our Coptic Language Section.

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During the past year the library grew to about 1,850 volumes of material in the different branches of Coptic Studies. We expanded the library in nearly every section of its more than 14 different sections. We are continuing the expansion and the development of the library to contain all the necessary references required by those who want to learn and/or to research the Coptic Heritage. The notable additions were as follows:

a. Coptic Art/Architecture/Inscriptions: Anonymous, l'Art Copte - Petit Palais Paris 17 Juin- 15 Septembre 1964. (1964); Brune, K-H. Der Koptische Reiter: Jäger, König, Heiliger . (1998); Cannuyer, C. l'Égypte Copte - Les Chretien du Nil (2000); Capuani, M. l'Égypte Copte (1999); Cramer, M. Koptische Buchmalerei. (1964); Empereur, J-Y. Alexandria Rediscovered 1998) ; Fluck, Linscheid & Merz. Textilien aus Ägypten. Teil 1: Textilen aus dem Vorbesitz vom Theodor Graf, Carl Schmidt und dem Ägyptischen Museum Berlin (2000); Ibrahim, K. Catalogue General des Antiquites du Musee Copte No 1-253. Coptic Funerary Stelae (1987); Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA). l'Art Copte in Égypte - 2000 ans de Christianisme (2000); IMA. l'Égypte Copte - 2000 ans de Christianisme (2000); Kybalova, L. Coptic Textiles (?) ; Leroy, J. Les Manuscrits Copte et Copte-Arabe Illustrés (1974); van Loon, G. The Gate of Heaven (1999); Lorquin, A. Les Tissus Coptes au Musée National du Moyen Age - Thermes de Cluny (1992); Lorquin, A. nat Étoffes Égyptienne de l'Antiquité Tardive du Musée Georges-Labit (1999); Musée du Louvre. Portraits de l'Égypte Romaine (1998); Peri, P. Tessuti Copti Nelle Collezioni del Museo del Bargello (1996); Rassart-Debergh, M. Textiles d'Antinoe (Égypte) en Haute Alsace (1997); Rutschowscaya, M.H. La Pienture Copte (1992); Rutschowscaya, M.H. Musée du Louvre - Catalogue des Bois de l'Égypte Copte (1986); Wessel, K. Kunst der Kopten - Koptische Sammlung des Ikonen Museums (1961)

b. Coptic Bible, Old & New: Bibliotecae Apostolicae Vaticanae. Codex Vaticanvs Graecvs 1209 Bibliorvm Sacrorvm Graecorvm Codex Vaticanvs B (facsimile/ Replica) & Prolegomena volume (1999); Brooke & Mclean. The Old Testament in Greek v.1 the Octateuch (Reproduction 1906-17); Brooke, Mclean & Thackeray. The Old Testament in Greek v.2 the Later Historical Books (Reproduction 1927-35); Brooke, Mclean & Thackeray. The Old Testament in Greek v.3 Esther, Judith, Tobit (Reproduction 1940); Goehring, J. The Crosby-Schøyen Codex Ms 193 (1990); Hanhart. Septuaginta vol. VIII,1 Esdrae Liber 1. (1974); Hanhart. Septuaginta vol. IX,2 Maccabaeorum Liber II (1959); Hanhart. Septuaginta vol. IX,3 Maccabaeorum Liber III (1960); Hanhart. Text und Textgeschichte des I Esrabuches (1974); Holy Transfiguration Monastery. The Psalter According to the Seventy together with the none Odes (3rd print 1997); Kappler, W. Septuaginta vol IX,1 Maccabaeorum Liber I (1936); Lagarde, A. Der Pentateuch Koptisch. (Reptint 1967); Neale, J.M. & R.E. Littledale. Commentary on the Psalms from Primative & Mediaeval Writers, vol. 1 (Reprint 1999); O'Connell. The Theodotionic Revision of the Book of Exodus. (1972); Schmitz, F-J & G. Mink. Liste der Koptischen Handscriften des Neuen Testaments I. Die Sahidischen Handscriften der Evangelien 1.Teil (1986); Schmitz, F-J & G. Mink. Liste der Koptischen Handscriften des Neuen Testaments I. Die Sahidischen Handscriften der Evangelien 2.Teil 1. Halbband (1987); Schmitz, F-J & G. Mink. Liste der Koptischen Handscriften des Neuen Testaments I. Die Sahidischen Handscriften der Evangelien 1.Teil 2. Halbband (1991); Shore, A.F. Joshua I-VI and Other Passages in Coptic (1963); Thompson, H. The Coptic Version of the Acts of the Apostles and Pauline Epistles in Sahidic (1932); Tischendorff, C. Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitansus 4 vol (Reprint: 1969); Vinck, & L.C. Contos. The Psalms Translated from the Greek Septuagint (1993); Wevers. Text History of the Greek Deuteronomy. (1978); Wevers. Text History of the Greek Numbers (1982); Wevers. Text History of the Greek Genesis. (1974); Wevers. Text History of the Greek Leviticus. (1980); Ziegler. Septuaginta XVI,2 Susanna, Daniel, Bel et Draco. (1957);

c. Coptic Festschrifts and conference proceedings: Boud'Hors, A. Études Coptes VI - Huitième Journée d'Études Colmar 29-31 mai 1997 (2000); Emmel et al (Ed). Agypten und Nubien in Spatantiker und Christlicher Zeit 2 vol [Act of the 6th Congress of Coptic Studies] (1999); Loprieno, A. (Ed). Ancient Egyptian Literature - History and Form (1996); Meyer, M & P. Mirecki. Ancient Magic and Ritual Power (1995); van Moorsel, P. Called to Egypt - Collected Studies on Paintings in Christian Egypt (2000); Pearson, Rea, Turner & Coles. Proceedings of the XIV International Congress of Papyrologists Oxford 24-31 July 1974 (1975); Rassart-Debergh, M. Études Coptes V, Sixième Journée d'Études Limoges 18-20 Juin 1993, Septième J. d'Ét. Neuchâtel 18-20 mai 1995 (1998); Rosenstiehl, J-M. Etudes Coptes IV - Quatrième Journée d'Études Strasbourge 26-27 Mai 1988 (1995); Rosenstiehl, J-M. Christianisme d'Egypte - Hommages a Rene-Georges Coquin (1995); Verhoogt & Vleeming (Ed.). The two faces of Graeco-Roman Egypt (1998); Worrell, W. H. Coptic Texts in the University of Michigan Collection (1942)

d. Canon Law and Legal Texts: Oxyrhynchus Papyri (several authors), Pt.XXI 2288-2308 (Reprint 1976). Pt.XXIII 2354-2382 (Reprint 1975). Pt.XXXV 2733-2744 (1968). Pt.XXXVII 2801-2823 (1971). Pt.XXXVIII 2824-2877 (1971). Pt.XXXIX 2878-2891 (1972). Pt.XL 2892-2942 (1972). Pt.XLI 2943-2998 (1972). Pt.XLII 2999-3087 (1974). Pt.XLIII 3088-3150 (1975). Pt.XLIV 3151-3208 (1976). Pt.XLV 3209-3266 (1977). Pt.XLVI 3267-3315 (1978). Pt.XLVIII 3368-3430 (1981). Pt.XLIX 3431-3521 (1982). Pt.L 3522-3600 (1983). Pt.LI 3601-3646 (1984). Pt.LII 3647-3694 (1984). Pt.LIII 3695-3721 (1986). Pt.LIV 3722-3776 (1987). Pt.LV 3777-3821 (1988); Browne, G.M. Papiri Laurenziani Copti (P.Laur. V). (1984); Coles, R.A. Location List of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri (1974); Coles, R.A. & M.W. Haslan. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.XLVII, Nos.3316-3367 (1980); Ernshtedt. Koptskiye Teksty Gosudarstvennovo Ermitazha (1959); Gardner, I. et al. Coptic Documentary Texts from Kellis 1 (1999); Grenfell, B.P. & A.S. Hunt. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.I (1898); Grenfell, B.P. & A.S. Hunt. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.II, (1899) ; Grenfell, B.P. & A.S. Hunt. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.VI, Nos.845-1006 (1908); Grenfell, B.P. & A.S. Hunt. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.XII, Nos.1405-1593 (1916); Heuser. Die Koptischen Personennamen Agyptischen Ursprungis (?) ;Husselman, E.M. Papyri from Karanis, 3rd series Michigan Papyri Vol IX, (1971); Lewis, N. The Compulsory Public Service of Roman Egypt (1982); Lewis, N. Leitourgia Papyri Documents on Compulsory Public Service in Egypt (1963); Lobel, E. et al. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.XVIII, Nos.2157-2207 (1941); Lobel, E. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol.XXI, Nos.2288-2308 (1951); Maspero, J. Catalogue General des Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee du Caire: Papyrus Grecs d'Epoque Byzantine. 3 vol (reprint 1973); Meecham, H.G. Light from Ancient letters - Private Correspondence in the non-literaty Papyri of Oxyrhynchus (1923); Ragib, Y. Marchands d'Étoffes du Fayyoum au III/IX Siecle a'Après leurs Archives (Actes et Lettres) 1. Les Acts des Banu `Abd al-Mu'min (1982); Rees, B.R. Papyri from Hermopolis and Other Documents of the Byzantine Period (1964); Taubenschlag. The law of Greco-Roman Egypt in light of the Papyri 332 BC-640 AD (1944); Thomas. The Epistrategos in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, i. Ptolemaic Epistrategos. (1975); West & Johnson. currency in Roman and Byzantine Egypt (1944); Youtie, H.C. Tax Rolls from Karanis Pt. I - Text (1936);

e. Cataloges of Manuscripts/Bibliographies: Hunt, Lucy-Anne. The Mingana And Related Collections (1997); Simaika, M. Brief Guide to the Coptic Museum and to the Principal Ancient Coptic Churches of Cairo - translated from French by G.H. Costigan (1938); Simaika, M. Guide Sommaire du Musée Copte et des Principales Eglises du Caire (1937);

f. Coptic Hagiography: Godron, G. Recherches sur les Texte Coptes Relatifs a S. Claude d'Antioch (1976); Sobhy, G. Le Martyre de S. Helias et l'Encomium de le Eveque Stephens (1919);

g. Coptic History and Geography: Curzon, R. Visits to the Monasteries of the Levant (2nd Ed. 1916); Fowler, M. Christian Egypt, Past, Present, and Future (1901); Griggs, C.W. Early Egyptian Christianity frpm its Origins to 451 CE (Reprint 2000); den Heijer, J. Mawhub ibn Mansur ibn Mufarriq et l'Historiographie Copto-Arabe (1989); Hunter, F.R. Egypt Under the Khedives (1805-1879) From Household Government to Modern Bureacracy (1984); Noshy, I. The Coptic Church: Christianity In Egypt (ca. 1960); Stern, S.M. Fatimid Decrees Original Documents from the Fatimid Chancery (1964); Toussoun, Price Omar. La Geographie de l'Egypte a l'Epoque Arabe vol 1, Pt 1 (1926) Pt 2 (1928); Winter, M. Egyptian Society Under Ottoman Rule 1517-1798 (1992);

h. Coptic and Other Language: Layton, B. A Coptic Grammar (2000); Mason. Greek Terms for Roman Institutions - A Lexicon and Analysis (1974); Sophocles, E.A. Greek Lexicon of the Roman & Byzantine Period, 2vol (Reproduction 1914); Westendorf, W. Koptisches Handworterbuch (9 pt) (1965-77); Worrell, W. Coptic Sounds (1934)

i. Coptic Liturgy: Henner, J. Fragmenta Liturgica Coptica (2000); Malan, S.C. Original Documents of the Coptic Church I. The Divine Liturgy of St. Mark the Evangelist, II. The Calendar of the Coptic Church, III. A History of the Copts and their Church, tran. from el-Maqrizi (1872-3);

j. Coptic Literature/Patristics: Behlmer, H. Schenute von Atripe De Iudicio (1994); Haas, John Philoponus' New Definition of Prime Matter (1997); Pusey, P. The Three Epistles of St. Cytil of Alexandria (1872); Revillout. Memoires sur les Blemmyes (1874-7); Wickham, L.R. Cyril of Alexandria Select Letters (1983);

k. Coptic Monasticism: Butler, C. The Lausiac History of Palladius - A Critical Discussion (1898) ; Leroy, J. Monks and Monasteries of the Near East ;Queffelec, H. Saint Anthony of the Desert - Trans. from French by J. Whitall (1954); Vivian, T. Histories of the Monks of Egypt and Life of Onnophrius (Rev. ed. 2000) [gift by author]

l. Coptic Theology/Religion: Winkler, D.W. Koptische Kirche und Reichskirche - Altes Schisma und Neuer Dialog (1977) [gift by author]

m. Coptic Apocrypha/Gnosticism: Box, G.H. The Testament of Abraham with the Testament of Isaac and Jacob (1927); Robinson, The Coptic Gnostic Library . Paperback edition, 5 vol (2000); Webb, E. & Wiebe. Nag Hammadi Texts and the Bible - A Synopsis and Index (1993);

n. Coptic Paleography: Kenyon F.G. The Palaeography of Greek Papyri (Reprint of the 1899 Edition);

o. Periodicals: Seventeen volumes of the Bulletin of the Scociety of Coptic Archaelogy have been added along with the most recent issues of Coptic Church Review, Al-Risala Newsletter, Sunday School Magazine, St. Mark Magazine, and the monthly book of the Patristic Center in Egypt. We received numerous offprints from our corresponding colleagues

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The Advanced Coptic Seminar, continued its work primarily on selections from the Bohairic text of the Book of Genesis. Four sessions of Coptic I , II for children 8-13 years old were or are currently being held at the Los Angeles Center.

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a. Newsletter - Subscriber's Edition: Four issues of volume three of the Subscriber's Edition were published and mailed to our members and others selected individuals throughout the world. We also continued with the abridged regular edition for non-members.

b. Volume 5 of the Society Bulletin: During this year, Volume 5 of the bulletin was published. It included 11 papers from the proceedings of the first Coptic Conference held at Long Beach in 1998.

c. Coptologia: The first volume of the new series of Coptologia was published in 2000 and distributed to members and subscribers of the Society. This new series inaugurates the cooperation between St. Mark Foundation and our Society. This came about through the generosity of the founder and Chief Editor Coptologia, Prof. Fayek Ishak of Canada.

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Prepared by Hany N. Takla 12/31/2003

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