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The St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society is a US non-profit membership Society. Its membership is arranged under five membership grades. Each membership grade has its own requirements and membership fees, as set in the approved by-laws of the Society. By January 31, 2003, the membership in good standing in the different grades have reached 211. The membership classes are as follows:

Honor Member

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Fellow Member

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Associate Member

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Subscriber Student

  • Mr. Martin Fahmy (CA)
  • Mr. Peter Fahmy (CA)
  • Ms. Mary Sorial (CA)

    Subscriber - Regular

  • Catholic University of America (Coptica) (DC)
  • College of St. Benedict (Alcun Library (MN)
  • Luther Seminary (Coptica) (MN)
  • Dr. Helene Moussa (CAN)
  • St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church (CAN)

    Affiliate Organization

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    Rules of Membership:

    Student Member (SM):  Full-time student, interested in Society activities through affiliation with the Coptic Orthodox Church or through related field of study, and has all membership privileges except for election voting and holding office in the Society.

    Member (M):  18 years of age or older, has voting rights, and requires sponsorship of two existing members of the Society.

    Fellow Member (FM):  Previous membership as a Member for 5 years.  He is eligible to hold office in the Society.

    Affiliate Organization (AO):  Any Coptic church or an organization involved in Coptic Studies.  Quarterly Journal and/or Coptica publication exchange will be in proportion to the exchanged publication of the AO.

    N.B. All membership classifications require good moral and spiritual characters, recommendation of the Membership Committee, approval of the Governing Board, and payment of membership contribution fees.  Sponsorship is required for New Members only.

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    Suggested Annual Membership Fees (tax-deductible except for subscription)

    Fellow Member           $75
    Member $50
    Student Member $20
    Coptica-Subscription $15 (North America)
    Subscription - Regular $20 (Foreign)
    Affiliate Organization N/C

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    Prepared by Hany N. Takla , Last Update 10/1/2005