Lesson 10

10.1 Declension of prepositions:

10.1.1 Form: A pronominal object of a preposition is expressed by a suffixed form of the personal pronoun. The preposition itself assumes a prenominal form which must be learned with each preposition. For example the preposition 'e-' become 'ero=' before pronominal suffixes. The symbol '=' is a convention used in Coptic grammers to indicate any form of the word to which a pronominal suffix is to be attached.

10.1.2 Examples: The following are the most common prepositions used in Coptic:

e-, ero= to, against nem, nema= with
eybe, eyb/t= for, concerning nca, ncw= behind, against
ejen, ejw= on, upon oube, oub/= against
n-, mmo= D.O. sa, saro= to, toward
n-, n= to, for qen, nq/t= in
nahren, nahra= before, in front of hijen, hijw= upon, on

Illustrated examples:

s-1-mf mmoi me eroi to me n/i for me
s-2-m mmok you (m) erok to you (m) nak for you (m)
s-2-f mmo you (f) ero to you (f) ne for you (f)
s-3-m mmof him erof to him naf for him
s-3-f mmoc her eroc to her nac for her
p-1-mf mmon us eron to us nan for us
p-2-mf mmwten you (pl) erwten to you (pl) nwten for you (pl)
p-3-mf mmwou them erwou to them nwou for them


10.2 Vocabulary 10:

ri f. room, cell twoun vb. to arise, get up
caji vb. to speak, talk -- e- vb. to rise up against
caji e- vb. to talk to -- ebol qen vb. to arise from
--- eybe vb. to talk about -- ebol hi vb. to arise from
--- nem vb. to talk with -- ejen vb. to rise up against
--- nca vb. to talk against -- ehr/i ejen vb. to rise up against
--- oube vb. to talk against ouoh conj. and
--- ha vb. to talk about hb/oui pl. tasks, things
--- m. words, affair hwb m. work, task, thing

10.3 Exercises 10:

A. Translate the following prepositional phrases and then replace the nominal subject with the appropriate suffix pronoun. For example, eybe paihwb - eyb/tf.

  1. ejen pi.kahi 4. qen ].cunagwg/
  2. menenca pef.mou 5. menenca pai.ehoou
  3. nahren v] 6. a.f.se e.pi.sai

B. Translate the following into English:

  1. a.u.twoun a.u.vwt ebol 3. a.i.twoun ebol hi ].trapeza
  2. a.f.se evahou e.pef./i 4. a.f.hemci ouoh a.f.caji nem ni.rwmi

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